From Burnout to Breakthrough:

The Evolution of Stressology's Founder

I help others navigate the chaos of life and unlock their full potential.

You’ve tried following the advice of stress management experts, but it never seems to work for you.

Instead you feel like you're paddling upstream feeling out of control while overwhelmed by personal and professional stress loads.

Wishing for some inner calm, even when surrounded by the chaos and stress of life?

I’d love to help you do that.

Hi! I am Monique Lauria.

I'm here to be your advocate in the journey to reclaim your power from the clutches of chaos and stress. My mission is crystal clear: to empower you to break free from the relentless cycle of chronic stress, transforming your subconscious perceptions supporting your overall well-being. It's not merely about finding short-term relief; it's about embracing a holistic approach and feeling empowered to craft a life of lasting health and happiness.

Curious to know how I ended up here?

Get cozy, because it’s a bit of a story.

Just a few years ago, I found myself ensnared in the illusions that being fit equated to being healthy and that prescription medications held the key to healing. The irony? Despite being certified in Reiki, a practice where you attune to the subtle energies of the body, I truly believed in societal norms and the conventional approach to health.

The first illusion shattered when I received the news that Lauren, one of my best friends, was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer at the age of 33. Despite her lifetime interest in sports and certifications in fitness, she was perceived as one of the healthiest people we knew. In hindsight, her symptoms started in her mid-20s and were dismissed by doctors due to her appearance as a fit, healthy young woman. Had she advocated for herself more assertively, her story might have taken a different turn.

Timing-wise, her late stage diagnosis couldn’t have come at a worst time as I was extremely pregnant with my first child. Little did I know, any remaining illusions about conventional, western medicine would be shattered by my daughter’s health. You see, my daughter, suffering from mysterious allergic-like symptoms, was met with dismissals from her pediatrician and allergist. Frustration and hopelessness wrapped around me, and the conventional medical route proved a dead-end.

However, I was not content with my daughter’s suffering and I was determined to figure it out. In my pursuit of answers, I stumbled upon histamine intolerance. Intuition told me I was onto something, and she responded positively to diet changes.

Understandably, Lauren was also intensely researching how the body works as she was a researcher by profession, trained by the best in the country. I on the other hand am hard-wired to investigate and uncover the truth.

Together, we delved into everything, seeking to understand the 'why' behind cancer and disease as well as exploring holistic avenues for her healing. It was surprising how often our research topics intertwined, which only served as more extreme motivation to understand the roots of sickness and disease.

Digging into online support groups for hope and guidance for my daughter confirmed that the path to healing diverged from conventional medicine. Those sticking to mainstream medicine often relied on a massive cocktail of prescriptions while just trying to survive.

Realizing that if I truly wanted her to heal, I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and explore alternative methods.

Can you guess what happened next? I took the leap and began working with a holistic, homeopathic practitioner. The transformation my daughter experienced was profound, and her health took a positive turn. Layers were peeled away, reducing the burden her young body carried. Flares ceased, triggers were reintroduced successfully, and she emerged healthy and thriving.

The heartbreaking reality is that Lauren tried everything to do the same, working on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Unfortunately, the load her body carried from her 36 years on this Earth was too much to heal while under the stress of Metastatic cancer. On December 26th, 2022, Lauren passed away, leaving friends, family, and Lauren’s Fight Club supporters devastated.

Processing the profound loss of my friend, whom I worked so closely with to help her regain health, took quite a bit of time. However, the most insight came when I opened myself up to ask, "What can I learn from this experience?" It was then that I began finding meaning in even the toughest moments of my life.

Witnessing Lauren’s struggle and my daughter’s successful healing changed the course of my life profoundly. Lauren once dreamed of creating a movement to end chronic illness, which at the time seemed like an impossible goal. The more I uncover lessons and hidden research, the more I believe that it might actually be possible.

What I do know is that many people are struggling with chronic stress and disease. Combining the earliest research on stress with my personal experience in holistic healing has taught me invaluable lessons. I believe deeply in the profound impact of holistic, integrative approaches. But I also witness the struggles of many still grappling with chronic stress and disease. My heart couldn't keep all the knowledge I’ve gained to myself.

Over the past two years, I've been privileged to assist numerous individuals in reducing their Total Stressor Load, addressing health issues at their roots. It has unlocked a passion within me that allows me to find purpose and meaning in my life’s challenges and struggles.

My story has a happy ending, and yours can too. I’m no longer stressed out and surviving by shoving feelings down or using unhealthy coping mechanisms. I stand here as the calm, confident mother and leader I aspired to be. Now, my heart yearns to hear your success story, to witness your transformation into a life of thriving.

Why choose me as your teammate?

I've walked the path of adversity through the darkness and emerged stronger and wiser. I bring a unique set of skills—an entire lifetime's worth of challenges and stress shaped me into a potent transformation partner, uniquely positioned to help you tap into your inner strength and rewrite the script of your life.

You’re finally in the right place.

I'm committed to guiding individuals towards a life of resilience and empowerment, where lasting wellness isn't just a distant goal but a tangible reality achieved through sustainable practices.

One key aspect of my work is challenging conventional perceptions surrounding stress and resilience, empowering individuals to adopt proactive strategies for managing life's challenges.

Additionally, I find immense fulfillment in helping others transition from survival mode to a state of thriving, finding purpose in their unique life experiences, and unlocking their inner strength to overcome adversity and flourish.

If you're ready to embrace a journey of resilience and empowerment, surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded individuals, take the first step and join one of my transformative programs today!

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In Loving Memory of Lauren

As mentioned earlier, much of my understanding of how the body works was inspired by my muse and greatest supporter, Lauren Rick. We worked tirelessly together for three years, seeking to uncover the root causes of Lauren’s Colorectal Cancer. Sadly, Lauren passed away in December of 2022.

In her honor, I formalized the non-profit organization, Lauren’s Fight Club, which we created together. A portion of all profits from our programs will be donated annually to LFC, ensuring that Lauren's legacy continues to thrive. Should you feel called to support in whatever way you can, please use the link below to explore the options.

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