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Uncover the revolutionary approach to stress management & reduction that empowers you to transform your relationship with stress and unlock your full potential for holistic well-being.

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Where proactive stress management meets empowerment. Engaging the subconscious to reshape perceptions of daily stressors offers a powerful path to reducing your overall stress load, breaking chronic stress patterns, & facilitating a return to inner peace and calm amidst life's turbulence.


Stressology takes a proactive approach to stress management, empowering individuals to address stressors on a subconscious level to prevent activations.


Stressology equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to consciously enhance stress resilience and reclaim personal empowerment.


Stressology blends short-term stress relief techniques with long-term stress resilience strategies, fostering a balanced approach to cultivating inner harmony and peace.


Stressology embraces a holistic —mind, body, and spirit—approach, while focusing on the most overlooked metaphysical aspects essential for resilience.

Foundation and Inspiration:

Tapping into 87-Year-Old Wisdom

Stressology finds its roots in the groundbreaking research of Dr. Hans Selye, who coined the term 'stress' in 1936. Selye, often referred to as the father of stress science, made groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of stress and its impact on health.

His studies laid the foundation for modern stress research, highlighting the intricate relationship between stress and various physiological and psychological responses. His work shed light on the intricate connections between stress and various illnesses, laying the foundation for our understanding of the body's response to stress.

However, he soon realized that stress was often misunderstood, being viewed solely as a mental health concern rather than a holistic demand impacting the entire body. Selye's work continues to influence fields ranging from psychology to medicine, emphasizing the importance of stress management for overall well-being.

The Stress Response

Selye's pioneering work on the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) revolutionized how we perceive and manage stress. Through meticulous research and experimentation, Selye identified the body's universal response to stress, which he divided into three stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion, the foundation of the last three steps below.

While Selye primarily focused on the physiological and hormonal responses to stressors, recent advancements cannot ignore our awareness of inputs and their interpretation. Stressors are swiftly evaluated by our subconscious mind, limbic system, and nervous system, highlighting the intricate interplay between our mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and physiological states in response to stress.

Aware of Input

or Demand

Analyze Subconsciously

Alarm Triggered by Stressor

Coping to Deal with the Stressor

Complete Stress Cycle or Chronic

What Makes Stressology Unique?

Many popular approaches to stress primarily focus on coping mechanisms and self-care techniques. However, Stressology takes a different approach, addressing stress much earlier in the stress response. Long-term resilience is cultivated by focusing efforts on the subconscious mind that analyzes stimulus in a seconds during the second phase outlined above.

Stressology empowers people to prevent excessive stress responses from occurring in the first place by changing perceptions on a subconscious level using guided meditation, visualization, and hypnotherapy.

Uncover, Transform, Evolve:

Steps to Rewriting the Subconscious

1. Uncover Subconscious Stories & Patterns

Explore how childhood experiences, major life events, trauma, and habits shape your perceptions and beliefs, influencing your subconscious mind.

2. Unlocking the Subconscious Perceptions

Consider how those subconscious stories translate into emotions and beliefs, getting curious about how your subconscious mind uses your lived experience a determines your reactions to external stimuli.

3. Stressology Guided Meditation or Hypnotherapy

Engage in intentional and focused sessions designed to work on a subconscious level, allowing you to address and transform deeply ingrained patterns and beliefs.

4. Theta Brainwave State

Enter the theta brainwave state, present during hypnosis, deep meditation, and light sleep, including the REM dream state. It is within this realm that your subconscious mind is most accessible for transformation.

5. Anchor Change that Sticks

By targeting the source of your beliefs and perceptions at such a profound level, the intentional changes made through guided meditation or hypnotherapy have a greater likelihood of permeating your subconscious and creating lasting transformation.

Stressology Success Stories

From Self-Conscious to Confident:

Discover how one executive conquered a 20-year-old habit in just one session!

Meet Sarah, a rising business executive determined to overcome a nervous tick that had plagued her confidence for more than 20 years. Despite trying various methods to suppress a nervous tick that made her self-conscious in front of her team, Sarah found herself struggling as she faced a recent promotion requiring more frequent public speaking engagements. With the stakes higher than ever, Sarah turned to Stressology for a solution.

In just one 30-minute session of Stressology hypnotherapy, Sarah witnessed a remarkable transformation. Her decades-long habit vanished, and she emerged with newfound confidence that propelled her career to new heights. Over a year later, the results remain steadfast, with Sarah's confidence soaring and earning her yet another promotion. Stressology empowered Sarah to rewrite her story and unlock her full potential! In her review she raved about her experience saying, "work with Monique, she'll change your life!!”

From Diagnosis to Harmony:

Learn how an integrative approach led to unexpected triumphs in a battle against cancer.

Meet Judy, a warrior diagnosed with cancer, who discovered the power of resilience through Stressology. Confronted with a daunting diagnosis, Judy embarked on an integrative healing journey, combining medical treatment with the holistic approach of Stressology. During a transformative session, she courageously addressed root trauma connected to her illness, rewriting its narrative with love and compassion.

The profound weight lifted off her shoulders allowed Judy to face her diagnosis with calm confidence, leading to an unexpected downgrading of her stage diagnosis following surgery. Judy's journey highlights the transformative potential of Stressology in navigating life's greatest challenges with resilience and triumph.

From Pain to Peace:

Uncover the transformative power of clearing emotional blocks causing physical ailments.

Meet Mary, a dedicated worker in a high-pressure corporate kitchen dealing with ongoing health issues that left her doctors puzzled. Despite efforts from a health coach to modify her diet and try supplements, Mary continued to experience alarming symptoms. Even after adhering to a restrictive low-histamine diet for weeks, her pain persisted.

Feeling desperate for relief, Mary sought out a Stressology session with Monique, given her expertise in histamine-related conditions. In just one session, they delved into the emotional root causes behind Mary's symptoms and devised follow-up exercises. Remarkably, Mary experienced a cessation of pain within 30 minutes of completing the recommendations, marking the end of months of suffering.

*Names and faces have been changed to protect client privacy but all stories are real-life Stressology success stories.

Discover the "Missing Peace" Guided Meditation

Find Relief and Inner Harmony Amidst Stress and Pain

Reclaim Your Power: Reframing Perception and Control

Now that you've learned the science behind the Stressology Methodology, are you ready to experience its positive benefits through an intentional guided meditation? If you're grappling with persistent symptoms you suspect may be stress-related, this session is tailored just for you.

Dive into tranquility and serenity with our transformative "Missing Peace" guided meditation. Tailored to address the root causes of stress-related physical symptoms, this meditation provides a pathway to relief and healing.

By tapping into the power of the subconscious mind and guiding you through intentional visualizations, it offers a holistic approach to managing stress. Experience a profound sense of calmness, rejuvenation, and harmony as you rediscover your inner peace.

Hi, I am Monique Lauria!

I'm on a mission to spark a collective transformation from chaos to coherence, spearheading a movement to end chronic illness. It's a bold vision that was first dreamed up by my late best friend, Lauren Rick, who passed from Colorectal Cancer at the age of 36 in 2022.

My determination comes from my desire to keep Lauren's legacy alive and my confidence comes from my personal experience of healing my daughter from Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). All of my programs and the Stressology Methodology that weaves through them is my way of creating something beautiful and empowering from the ashes of my life's challenges.

My goal is to walk alongside those who feel like they are in the dark until they remember their own light and power to reduce their Total Stressor Load and create a life they love. My vision is that if enough people rise above the stress of life that together we can co-create a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

Our Clients are the Heartbeat of our Business

These are just some words that share the authentic experiences and successes of those who have walked the path before. In the words of our clients, discover stories of resilience, achievement, and the unique ways our solutions have not only met but exceeded their expectations.

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